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Keys cost how much?!

There are few things more annoying than losing your keys (especially since it nearly always happens as you are in a rush with no time to spare and the keys have literally vanished). And if your car is older than 1990 then losing your keys is going to cost you as much, if not more, than a car payment! Before 1990 you could go into a locksmith or your dealership and they could make you a standard cut car key for about $3. But today, between the SmartKeys (the keys that are sensor based and can only be bought through the dealership, which are ordered directly from the car manufacturer), laser cut keys, and electronic key fobs replacing your car keys can be a very expensive hassle.

Take a look at some of the replacement costs from

Old style keys (mid to late 90s) $12 with an electronic fob +$50-$90

Transponder Keys $160 with fob + $75

Laser Cut Keys $150-$250

Switchblade Keys $200-$300

Smart Keys $220-$400

These are the costs of only your car key, and do not include the trouble and time of replacing house keys, work keys, even electronic work ID tags that can be costly to replace. Besides the security risks of having the keys to your life missing, if you don’t have a spare key to your house then you’re talking costs to replace the locks in your house, or even a locksmith just to get into your home.

Last week two of our customers lost their car keys in public places. And because they were AutoRewards members (click HERE for more information on the program) and had our Fred Beans key tag on their key ring, the people who found the keys brought them into our dealership and within a minute we were able to look up whose keys they belonged to and they were returned to their owners. And this saved the customer the hassle and costs of replacing all of their keys. We have many reasons to love the AutoRewards program, with discounts at local shops and restaurants and money off new car purchases, but this is one service we were reminded of again last week and are proud to offer for our customers.