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Drive Smart for Your Cause brings in 105 test-drives

Doylestown Hospital’s associates and community took 105 test-drives in brand-new Lincoln vehicles on Tuesday, which means the hospital will receive $2100 from Lincoln Motor Company.

The Bridge Fund of the Cancer Institute of Doylestown Hospital, which helps cancer patients who cannot afford some aspects of their care not covered by insurance, will receive the donation.

The weather cooperated, delivering mostly sun and none of the region’s recent damp, drizzly or downright rainy conditions. About three quarters of those coming by the hospital’s Lincoln staging area to test-drive a Lincoln were on staff in some capacity at the 90-year-old community medical facility. The rest were outpatients, visitors and family members of patients or those who made a special trip just for this fundraising event.

Gary Glauser, sales manager at Fred Beans Ford Lincoln Mitsubishi – which partnered with DH to present the “fun”draiser – made sure there were sufficient new MKSs, MKTs, MKXz, MKZs or Navigators so no one had to wait long for his or her choice of “ride.” Also available was the MKZ hybrid.

“We enjoy these events,” says Glauser, “which give us an opportunity to meet with people here in our community and share our knowledge of the products without any pressure to buy or commit. It’s a lot of fun.”

This program was an opportunity for Lincoln to try out a new, more accurate system using iPads instead of paper forms to register test-drives and gather opinions held by participants about the vehicles and the manufacturers.

Through Ford and Lincoln, the Fred Beans organization has also helped three area high schools raise over $30,000 in the past four years. That’s more than 1500 test drives. Both motor companies now sponsor test-drive fundraisers for schools and charities in the fall and the spring.