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Mopar Heritage Club Car Show

Despite the rainy, windy start to the day, Mopar Heritage Classic Car Club’s Car Show drew a great crowd on Sunday afternoon at Fred Bean’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Doylestown. The Mopar Heritage Car Club is an “independent club based in the Philadelphia area recognizing all brands and eras of Chrysler Corporation built vehicles.Enthusiasts of antique, classic, muscle, and modern Mopars and their cars are all welcomed. You don’t have to own a Mopar to be a member, just an interest in Mopars and good times!”

Twice a year the car club holds a car show that brings out everything from a ’57 Plymouth Belvedere (the oldest car to make it’s appearance on Sunday) to the 60’s and 70’s muscle cars to the newest Chargers, Darts and Vipers.

The Mopar Car Show brings out some of the rarest American made cars, including a ’71 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 426 hemi engine, which was 1 of only 27 produced with that engine. There was a ’67 Plymouth GTX, that also has a 426 hemi engine, which was driven and shown at the event by the original owner. He bought it off the showroom and has taken care of it ever since.

The car show ended with trophies given out in 5 categories: Antique, Classic (non-performance), Muscle, Modern and Modified. There was also a special trophy given out for Favorite Car.

Check out some great pictures of some of our favorites! Thanks Lynette Rosenbaum for the great pictures!






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