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New Buick Regal on display

Remember when four-cylinder engines were something real drivers sort of sneered at? The new 2011 Buick Regal, made in Germany, is set to make believers out of even the most die-hard six- and eight-cylinder devotees. They’re calling the new Regal “A blast from the future,” and that seems about right.

Jay Silverstein, sales, and Ed Rice of East Torresdale, discuss the new Regal. Rice, a regular Fred Beans customer, was recalling his first Buick from years’ past.

“No one will miss the extra two cylinders,” predicts Greg Pilong, general manager, at Buick Regal Night in Doylestown. “And when the turbo version hits our shores, it will be even more robust.

“The Regal is a break-out car for Buick…it has the potential to change the face of the brand forever. It’s gorgeous, fun-to-drive, quick, comfortable and built with the quality of its European competitors. This is not your grandfather’s Buick!”