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Owners learn about their new Nissans at dinner

New Nissan owners sit down to a dinner served by Fred Beans Nissan staff.

We recently heard about a car owner who just figured out how to properly store the headrests when the back seats are folded down. Yep, and it took only 78,000 miles and 10 years of ownership for her to figure that out. (We aren’t naming names, so don’t ask.)

It wouldn’t have taken that long if it had been a Fred Beans vehicle purchase. Because Fred Beans dealerships offer new-vehicle owner events that give drivers a chance to learn about the finer points of their new ride. You know, the questions that simply don’t occur to people while they are inking the deal.

Last Tuesday night, Fred Beans Nissan in Doylestown hosted 115 new owners for dinner at the showroom, presentations, door prizes, a raffle and a lively Q&A session. After that, a grand tour of the service department, where all the Nissan models were up on service lifts, gave customers plenty of opportunities to ask more questions about their specific model.

“We always welcome them back with a thank you for allowing us to handle such an important decision for them,” says Kurt Ruffing, Nissan’s general manager. “We cover the contents of the owner’s folder and discuss how to maintain the car or truck or SUV they bought.”

Some of the evening’s fun comes from talking about Flat Freddy and how they can help out with the little fellow’s travel adventures and then post photos online at Fredbook, our Facebook fanpage.

Fred Beans Nissan conducts a New Owners Night each quarter. Those who attend also have 50 bonus AutoRewards points credited to their card.

“The event is 100 percent for our customers, free of charge or obligation,” says Ruffing, “but we all walk away with a great feeling for the relationships we make with those we help.”

Of course, you can always call on any Fred Beans service technician or sales consultant for answers to any of your automotive questions. We are happy to serve you.