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Owners learn about their new vehicles

Nissan, Jan. 24, red balloons

When you pull up to the gas pump, do you still hesitate a moment to double-check your “random-access memory” to confirm which side the gas cap is on? And you’ve been driving this car for eight years now?

That particular issue is probably the only one the free new-owners’ clinics at Fred Beans dealerships can’t address. But they do feature dinner, a tour of the facilities, quizzes and contests for door prizes, a lot of Q&A, and opportunities to dig in and around a vehicle just like your new one. Sales and service personnel explain scheduled maintenance, manufacturers’ recommendations for service and upkeep and tips for your particular make and model.

Ford, Jan. 12. Kindle winners!

If you haven’t had a new vehicle in a while, some of the most up-to-date features that have been standard for only a few years could be a mystery to you. This is your chance to find out what they mean to your comfort, security or safety and exactly how they work. After all, if you don’t know how to use them, those drop-down seats won’t be very convenient and the built-in navigation system won’t keep you from getting lost.

Here are photos from New Owners’ Clinics in Doylestown at Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Ford Lincoln Mitsubishi and Nissan. If the guests look like they’re having fun, it’s because they are.

Ford, Jan. 12, Q&A in the service bay

When you buy a vehicle at any Fred Beans dealership, ask about the next clinic and put it on your calendar. Along with a great free dinner and a chance for prizes, it’s a valuable experience that will enhance your years of car ownership. Not to be missed!

All photos: Credit Lynnette Rosenbaum