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Picking a ‘starter car’ for your teen, Part II

More tips for buying a car for your teen!

  • While heavier, larger vehicles usually perform better in crash tests, remember that really big cars or trucks can also be hard to handle, especially in sticky situations and especially for inexperienced drivers.
  • “Larger” can generally mean more expensive to insure and poorer fuel economy.
  • Sports cars and bigger vehicles are considered safety risks for young drivers because the one begs to be driven fast and the other to invite a greater number of passengers on board.
  • ESC – electronic stability control – should be your first choice among features.
  • Try to buy the most safety features you can afford. As Consumer Reports says, no one needs it more than inexperienced drivers.
  • If you’re considering a used car, get the CARFAX® vehicle history report to learn about past damage.
  • Have a trusted mechanic inspect a used car before you commit.
  • Investigate pricing with trusted online or professional resources you can access, such as those offered by USAA.
  • Investigate insurance costs with your insurance company – or is now the time to shop around for a new policy?
  • Review your expectations as well as your teen’s for driving the new – or any — vehicle, and negotiate responsibilities and consequences. To jump-start your conversation with your young driver, download and use the 2012 Safe Driving Contract developed by CB Cares and Fred Beans Family of Dealerships.