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Pilot’s Log

At this time last year, we were in the midst of tremendous challenges and great uncertainty not only for our company but for the automotive industry as a whole and the entire global economy. We made tough decisions to enable us to endure, and we thank our employees for their willingness to cut back and work harder than ever to keep us going.

Other significant changes include adding the Kia franchise to our successful imports and moving Buick GMC to the Cadillac Saab store. Our Hyundai operations will soon occupy the former Saturn dealership, now that our Saturn of Doylestown service team has combined with Chevrolet. That move demonstrates to our Saturn customers that we will not abandon them, even as it gives us the opportunity to offer positions to our Saturn salespeople, office staff, service manager, assistant service manager and all technicians.

We can feel the stirrings of an economy that we expect to recover gradually throughout 2010. General Motors and Chrysler are stronger than they have ever been, and Ford continues to strengthen its product line every day. We also believe Chevrolet is poised to fulfill GM’s promise to the industry and consumers in regards to design, fuel economy, safety and performance.

Today, because of our employees’ sacrifices and our customers’ continued loyalty and confidence in us, we are all looking toward a brightening, more hopeful future. May the year ahead bring you and your loved ones good health, prosperity and many occasions for joy and celebration.