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Pilot’s Log

We celebrated our Employee Appreciation Week in the middle of December, expanding the event into a holiday luncheon at which we recognized employees who have hit 5-year milestones with the company. We also took time to note achievements of the past year and to update everyone as we roll over into 2011.

I want to make mention here of the three men who each marked three and a half decades of loyalty and hard work in this organization: Schuyler Cox, Mark Donahue and Jack Mang. Not only have we grown this company together through lean times and challenges—I’ve watched them raise their families and develop into the truly fine men they are today. This company and this country could use more Schuyler Coxes, Mark Donahues and Jack Mangs.

In all, 65 employees were honored before their peers for their years here, along with each dealership’s technician and sales associate of the year. We shared a lot of stories, learned more about some of you than you probably wanted others to know, and laughed together. It was a good way to draw the past year to a close and launch ourselves into the year ahead with renewed optimism. All of us at Fred Beans wish all of you a prosperous and healthy 2011.

Fred Beans