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Pilot’s Log

Over the course of a long weekend in February 1972 — 40 years ago — I went from being a service station owner to a partner in a car dealership. It was the realization of my lifelong dream to sell cars, and it was a goal I was willing to work hard and sacrifice much to achieve. It has paid off with more success than I could ever have envisioned, not just for myself but for my family, partners, employees and many others I believe I can call my friends.

Along the way, I had many mentors to whom I owe much. It pleases me to think that I have, in turn, mentored my share of successful men and women, too. Because the path of learning is always a two-way street, they’ve taught me as much as I have taught them, so we’ve all come away richer in experience and knowledge.

I want to congratulate our Mark of Excellence team at Chevrolet of Doylestown on its second honor in a row and our Subaru team for its Stellar Care Award. They are but two of the many accolades our men and women receive in the course of doing their jobs and meeting their own goals in life.