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Pilot’s Log from Fred Beans

This past June, I had an opportunity to say goodbye to the last group of students to come through the Fred Beans-Central Bucks Schools Mentoring Program and to wish them success in their future endeavors.

Meeting these earnest young men and women is always a pleasure. I see in their faces, hear in their comments and questions, the promise of a bright future for our communities and our nation. I believe that providing them with opportunities to experience the world, to learn from strong mentors and to give back to others is the best education there is. And it comes in many forms.

I told these young people that I have one goal for my business: to be really good at what we do. We need to consistently try to elevate the way we do business. I also advised them to read the Wall Street Journal to help them become more worldly—I spend an hour with it and come away with a more global outlook. And I shared with them what my father used to say: “The only thing we can give you that no one can take away is an education.”

More than 150 students came through our doors and learned from the people who work here, and they all left with an education no one can take away from them.