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Pilot’s Log

With the economic downturn we’re currently experiencing, we have a choice to freeze up in fear or to get to work. We’ve decided to get to work. In recent months, we’ve made changes at our dealerships to reduce waste and use our time and skills in smarter ways. We’re encouraging our employees to think creatively, because this unprecedented downturn will be put right only by fresh ideas and bold efforts. And when one door has closed on something we thought would always be there, we’ve found a window—or built another door.

What has not changed—and what we will not compromise on—is our determination to continue as a customer-focused business. You are why we exist. Without you, we have no reason to be here. Thank you for putting your trust in us and your business in our hands.

Uncertainty can be paralyzing…or it can mean an opportunity to refocus our efforts on the things that matter most to us. This is a time to keep our loved ones close, appreciate a holiday gathering or beautiful spring day, take time to notice a special kindness from a stranger, reach out to help another in some small way. This country, made up of hardworking, caring people like you, will prevail.