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Questions To Ask Before Buying a Used Car

Questions to Ask before Buying a Used Car

When they have a thorough approach, used car buyers from Downingtown, PA can have just as a rewarding and thrilling experience as those who buy their cars new. The trick is to understand the vehicle as if you have been around it since it first drove off the lot. As you find out more information, you increase the likelihood that you will be that much happier with your purchase. Give yourself peace of mind while shopping for a used car by remembering to ask these seven questions before you buy:


Has This Vehicle Ever Been in an Accident or Had Major Repairs?

When buying a used car, look out for signs that future expensive repairs could be on the horizon. To know this, you should study the vehicle’s past.

Start by not asking any questions and just circling the car as you inspect it. Paint tells the most vivid story. When a vehicle has been repaired, the work can never duplicate the quality of a factory spray job. Look along the body and hood for unusual ripples or light changes in the paint. Front row door sills with stippled paint can also reveal accidents since any impact will likely affect these areas. Bent radiator fins likewise indicate front impacts or major repairs.

Once you have taken in your visual fill, ask about any abnormalities. A CARFAX report and service records should back up any claims the seller then makes.

How Many Buyers Has There Been?

One-owner vehicles typically have less mystery behind them and better documentation. Multiple owners are not necessarily a bad thing at all, but you will want to see evidence of how each owner treated the vehicle and whether the story matches up with the provided documents.

Does the Vehicle Have Any Factory Extras, Options, or Aftermarket Add-Ons?

When your prospective used vehicle was bought new, it was part of a set of available models and trims. Finding out exactly what options the original owner picked and what they had added on afterwards can pinpoint the value of the car while telling you more about its offerings.

Why Were Repairs Done?

Major work done on the engine, suspension, or chassis of a vehicle can indicate defects or unreported accidents. Follow up on anything documented that was not an oil change, new brake pads, or other routine maintenance.

Are There Any Remaining Warranties?

Some recent model vehicles will still have their factory warranties. Others are covered by different warranties, including Certified Pre-Owned programs or third-party warranties. Read the fine print on all remaining warranties, and consider how they affect your perceived value of the used car.

Can My Mechanic Take a Look?

A neutral third party can often spot problems that the dealer or buyer would not, making them far worth their inspection fee. Beware any seller that will not let a mechanic look at their car.

Why Would I Enjoy Owning This Car?

Any seller, be they a private or used dealer, should be prepared to explain why this particular vehicle would offer a positive ownership experience. The answer can also help you come up with follow-up questions.

Ready to Go on a Test Drive?

Test driving a used vehicle gives you a sense of its unique mannerisms while helping you look out for more signs of damage or trouble.

Buyers of used cars around Pennsylvania can take a test drive at any Fred Beans dealership and have all the above questions and more answered in a friendly way. View our used inventory, and then schedule a test drive for your favorite used vehicle today.

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