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Questions to Ask before Buying a Used Car

Drivers in the Chalfont and Doylestown areas understand there are many benefits of buying a used car. In addition to saving money, it’s a good way to help reduce your carbon footprint; buying used means one less new car in the world.

Because of the uncertainty of the car’s history, it can be a little risky. Buying a used car can be very practical, but you want to be sure you get one that’ll continue to run for a good long time. Here are the top questions to ask before buying a used car.

1. What’s the Service History?

FB_CTA_5ThingsToKnow_300x250If the owner has a book with stamps from the dealer marking each service, it’s good to take a look at it. They may not have it, in which case you should ask to the see the receipts for the work they’ve had done on the car.

2. What’s the Mileage?

Be sure to ask for information regarding the vehicle’s mileage, and keep in mind that on average, a vehicle should have roughly 12,000 miles per year on it. Below this is good; above it could be an indicator of future problems.

3. Is There a Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle history report from a service like CARFAX will tell you if there had been any major accidents and repair work in the car’s history, which could result in problems down the road. If the seller doesn’t wish to provide one of these, it’s a red flag, but you can get one on your own with the Vehicle Identification Number.

4. What Else Is Included in the Price?

Be sure to ask about any fees, taxes, or other costs you’ll need to figure into your monthly payments.

5. What Does the Warranty Cover, If There Is One?

carsalesman-2Be sure to understand the full terms before making a purchase from a dealer.

6. Can I See Proof of Ownership and Identity?

If you’re buying a car from a private owner, make sure they’re really the owner of the car and most importantly, that they have a clean title for it. You can’t buy a vehicle without a title.

7. Has the Car Been Inspected?

Even if the owner claims the car has had a recent thorough inspection, never be afraid to perform an inspection yourself, or have your own mechanic look over it, to see if it’s in good working condition in every aspect. If doing the inspection yourself, be sure to check both the interior and exterior.

8. Can I Take a Test Drive?

Get the car out on the road! It’s always advisable to take the car out on the road before purchasing. You may know all the facts and statistics about the vehicle’s history, but none of that will be relevant if driving the car doesn’t work for you.

There’s no substitute for being behind the wheel and seeing how the thing handles, and to make sure you don’t notice any issues like pulling, rattling, odd noises, a smoky engine, or other indicators of problems. Test driving is the only way to know for sure if you’re satisfied with the vehicle.

If you’re in the process of buying a used car and you’re located near Doylestown or Chalfont, we at Fred Beans Used are sure to have what you’re looking for. Be sure to stop by to check out our huge inventory today!