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Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil

Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil

Have you been driving around the streets of the Philadelphia area and noticed a burning smell in the cabin of your car? When you park, do you notice a puddle of oil on the ground under the front? Have you noticed black smoke coming from your tailpipe? Have you seen the oil pressure indicator light up on your dashboard? All of these are signs that your car is leaking oil.

Oil leaks can be dangerous and devastating to your car, so they need to be addressed quickly – but what causes them? Explore this article on the various reasons that your oil could be leaking, which Fred Beans has taken the time to put together for you, so you can learn the steps you need to take to correct the issue quickly.

The Dangers of Oil Leaks

Car Leaking Dark Oil UnderneathAn oil leak that is left uncorrected can cause all manner of damage to your car. The first and potentially most serious consequence is that your car won’t have enough oil to perform properly. Oil is essential for keeping your car running smoothly. Oil lubricates the engine’s parts so they move freely, and it also serves as a shield against the heat from the friction of said moving parts. If you don’t have enough oil to do this, your engine can, in the worst-case scenario, grind to a halt.

Other dangers of oil leaks include the oil seeping into hoses, seals, and gaskets. These parts are made of rubber, and the oil can cause them to degrade and break down, which can lead to other problems in your car, including fire hazards. Additionally, oil leaks in your driveway can become an environmental hazard.

Reasons a Car Is Leaking Oil

Most oil leaks are caused by your engine gasket degrading, which naturally happens over time. Your oil pan can also leak if it becomes damaged in any number of ways, including from road hazards. Bad hose connections and bad oil seals are other common causes of leaking oil. These can occur when your oil pan drain plug doesn’t seal properly. These are the main sources, but there are many other reasons a leak may occur.

Checking for Oil Leaks

Checking for Oil LeaksIf you notice a burning smell in your engine compartment, see a puddle under your car, or notice black or blue smoke, these can be signs of oil leaks. The most definitive way to check for a leak is simply to keep an eye on the dipstick. Turn your car off and wait for it to cool down. Remove the dipstick, wipe it off, insert and draw it out again. If the oil level seems to be lowering over time or isn’t up to the “Fill” line, you may well have a leak.

Get Leaks Serviced at Fred Beans Used

If you suspect that your car is leaking oil, it’s important to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. If you’re in Mechanicsburg, Doylestown, Flemington, or anywhere else in the Philadelphia area, Fred Beans Used can help. Give us a call or stop into our service center to talk to a technician and schedule an appointment today.