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Relocation to new Subaru store coming up fast

The charcoal gray Subaru tower looks even better now, with its blue logo.

With about a month until moving day, everyone at Fred Beans Subaru is gearing up—service advisors and technicians, cashiers, sales consultants and office staff. And no one is looking forward to settling into the new facility more than the managers!

The new Service Department features updated computer diagnostics and new lifts.

“Every day we watch as the building across the street is transformed into a Subaru facility where anyone would be proud to work,” says Jim Fonash, general manager. “It will offer a light-filled and welcoming showroom and waiting area for our sales and service customers, as well as a comfortable and efficient work place for all of us.”

Ed Kirkwood, service manager, notes that the service department will feature a number of upgrades that make his team’s efforts safer and more accurate, from new lifts to upgrades in the computer diagnostics.

General sales manager Scott Hall can’t wait to move the Subaru vehicles into the new showroom. “It’s going to be an ideal setting to display Subaru’s newest models to greatest advantage, with plenty of room and great lighting.”

The new facility is also fortunate to have entry and egress from two roads: North Easton Road and the access road for the Kmart shopping center.

Moving day is on track for the second week in April.

Subarus are already lined up outside the new dealership, whose sign was installed about a month ago.