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Repeat Drive One 4UR School event at CBWest

On August 27 from 2 to 8pm, Central Bucks West High School hosted its second Drive One 4UR School event in cooperation with Fred Beans Ford Lincoln Mercury and Ford Motor Company. More than 200 people 18 years and older test-drove Fords, Lincolns and Mercurys in the 6-hour event; Ford will donate $20 per test drive to the CB West Football Parents Club.

Mike McGrath, a junior at Pitt, takes a test drive in a hot red Mustang with Brian Lambing, left, from Fred Beans. Tammy Sergeyev, right, chair of fundraising for the CB West Football Parents Club, coordinated this year's Drive One 4UR School event.

Last fall, 90 drivers participated in the test-drive’s 7-hour event, raising $1800 for the parents club’s coffers.

While the final tally isn’t yet in, we do have some photos to show you of the early stages of the event. (Before everyone was sagging from the sun and the heat and too much soda pop.) Brian Lambing headed up the eight Fred Beans sales staffers who were on hand to accompany test drives of 14 vehicles, including a Mustang and Flex.

Coordinator of the event for the CBWFPClub was Tammy Sergeyev, chair of fundraising. Parent volunteers, cheerleaders, football players and scads of others were helping prospective test-drivers sign up. Lots of others dropped by to show their support, including Jungle Joe Fortunato, owner of the Bucks County Zoo in Warminster, and Fred Beans.