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What is Road Force Balancing?

What is Road Force Balancing?

Modern, low-profile tires from the manufacturer may not always be perfectly round or evenly set which can sometimes result in a bumpier ride. Road Force Balancing is a process used by technicians to measure their uniformity and detect things like sidewall stiffness and uneven tread wear which might be causing an uncomfortable driving experience.

At Fred Beans, we’re committed to empowering drivers throughout Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Flemington with useful insights on some of the processes our Service Center team use to keep your vehicle working at peak performance. Continue reading to learn more keeping your tires properly balanced.

Why is my Vehicle Vibrating So Much?

What is Road Force Balancing?Over the past couple of decades, advancements in automotive technology has greatly improved vehicle responsiveness and handling, which has resulted in a better driving experience. To achieve these new standards, manufacturers have largely done away with the larger, high-profile tires found on older models in favor of smaller, low-profile tires. While this has greatly increased maneuverability, it’s also led to vehicle being more susceptible to road vibrations which can be felt inside the cabin.

If while driving down the road you notice your steering wheel is vibrating more than usual, it might mean that certain areas of your tires might be stiff, or the treads are unevenly wearing down. You should schedule a service appointment at your earliest convenience to have them inspected.

Force Variation vs Runout

Force variation occurs when certain parts of your tire are stiffer than normal and causes your tires to unevenly absorbs bumps and shocks. Lateral or radial runout is when inconsistencies in weight or balance exist and cause your vehicle’s tread to prematurely wear down. These are common manufacturer issues and can be detected and resolved through road force balancing.

Road Force Balancing

What is Road Force Balancing?

When you drop off your vehicle for a tire inspection, our technicians will place your vehicle onto a special machine called a load-roller that simulates the force that the road places on your tires while they’re in motion. This machine then measures the force variation and runout of the tire and identifies the exact problem area.

Once the problem is located an properly identified, the technician can simply remount the tire or add weight to balance the tire and minimize the overall runout. This process should eliminate any steering vibration and reduce any extra wear and tear on your suspension. Regular tire balancing is a simple and easy way to extend the lifetime of you tires and should be done every 6,000-10,000 miles.

Schedule a Tire Appointment Today!

A little bit of preventative care can go a long way. If you’re currently experiencing unusual vibrations or an unbalanced ride, don’t ignore it. At Fred Beans, our team of highly skilled technicians are dedicated to providing honest and thorough care for drivers throughout the Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Flemington region. Simply, stop by during service hours or schedule an appointment today!