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Saab, one month later…

An email was sent out to Saab dealers on 23 March by Eric Toth, regional sales manager for Saab Cars North America. He was noting the accomplishments of the last 30 days since the sale of Saab was completed—the only brand or division General Motors has ever sold in its 100-year-plus history.

Along with the separation from GM that’s taken place in the last month, the company moved its corporate office and just held its first National Saab Dealer Meeting in Boston.

Toth mentioned that production started one week ago in Sweden, while “assigned pre-built convertibles” are “on the water” and expected to hit dealers’ lots before the end of March. Saab has posted and paid incentives, sold parts and accessories, communicated with dealers and begun direct mailing to the dealers’ “loyal and local” customer base. Saab’s also signed a contract with GMAC for financing and soon a lease program on 2010 models.

After all the ups and downs for Saab in the last year, people involved—dealers, manufacturer, Saab fans—are feeling hopeful.