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SALT: bad news for your car

Here’s a scary tidbit: Road salt on your car starts corroding after just 48 hours. It’s not the salt alone, but the chloride ions that make the melted precipitation more corrosive to the metal.

Hey, we’re glad to be able to drive to work and to the store in the icy winter, but come the final thaw, we won’t be too happy with a car that’s looking like it’s suffering from a bad case of acne.

When you can see and feel that dusty white rime of salt, it’s bath time. The International Carwash Association advises that cars in our region be washed about every 10 days. A professional, using warm water at high pressure, can best remove that destructive road salt from your car’s paint, undercarriage and other areas that you simply can’t reach with a sponge dipped into your bucket of rapidly cooling water…even if you wanted to be outside freezing your fingers off instead of inside watching the game or reading a book by the fire.