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Second decade begins with a Focus on the future

Mike Kilgus and Bill Prutzman with Bill and Nanci Meisle’s 2001 Focus, which carried the Meisles for 133,000 miles.

“I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo we took yesterday as we said good bye to our still-perfect Focus,” wrote Bill Meisle of Doylestown. “Mike Kilgus and Bill Prutzman kept this car in perfect order for 10+ years. Bill is holding the stack of service orders. I am so grateful for these two great and personable and bright guys.

“I hope the new Focus will be as trouble-free as this one was, and I hope she finds a new owner who will enjoy her as much as we have. Thanks for your help in getting the car here.”

“I’m pleased that the Meisles have returned for another Focus from us,” says Fred Beans. “On a second note, the Focus is a great car. Ford really did a good job with this product. I am sure a lot of what is to come from Ford will be based on this car.”

Favorite tech Bill Prutzman, Nanci and Bill Meisle, and service advisor Mike Kilgus are bookended by the Meisles’ blue Ford Focuses for 2001 and 2012.