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Second-graders find a way to help others

When Mrs. Amy Logue’s second-grade class at Linden Elementary (Central Bucks School District) decided they’d rather help others than have a holiday party this year, Mrs. Logue knew just what organization would most engage their enthusiasm for philanthropy: Cradles to Crayons Philadelphia.

And so, on December 21, she and her students traveled into the city to the Giving Factory there. The bus for the trip was funded by a donation from the Fred Beans Charitable Fund.

The children’s volunteer efforts included sorting clothing and books, cleaning toys and shoes, matching puzzles for boys and girls in the community.

Mrs. Logue reported that the trip was really great. One of the little boys in her class who was busy wrapping donated gifts turned to her and said, “I do not know why, but I just feel so happy!”

Cradles to Crayons Philadelphia was founded in 2006. The nonprofit organization provides low-income and homeless children from birth to pre-teen with the basic essentials they need to be safe, warm, ready to learn and valued—free of charge. It also sets a foundation for lasting change through the meaningful, tangible volunteer opportunities it provides to thousands of youth and adults each year. The essentials that Cradles to Crayons collects and distributes include clothing, shoes, school supplies and more. By supplying them with high-quality used or new goods, Cradles to Crayons makes children feel valued.

How does it work? Cradles to Crayons partners with social-service organizations in the Philadelphia area to connect communities that have surplus resources—new or used items in good condition—with communities that desperately need access to those resources. When you donate to Cradles to Crayons, you can be absolutely sure that your donation will go to a deserving local child, for whom the donation was specifically requested.