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From the Inbox: Thanks for going the extra mile

We love to hear when someone at a Fred Beans facility receives praise for being a kind person, a decent human being and a help to those who pass through his or her life. So it’s a delight to share a story about Ann Sweeney, receptionist at Fred Beans Towing in Doylestown, from customer Nancy Disehert.

“Dear Ann,
“Thanks to you and your ‘more than helpful’ actions today to get my cell phone back to me. You and your colleagues are the reason I use Beans for my auto needs! Ann, not only did you leave a message on my home phone, you also placed calls to other numbers in the phone memory to discover whose phone it was, and leave messages for me. I really appreciate you and your kindness! Thank you very much!”

Way to go, Ann. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about your efforts to go “above and beyond” to make sure a customer is taken care of the way we’d all want to be. You make us all proud and serve as an example of “how it’s done right.”

And thank you, Nancy Disehert, for sitting down without delay to pen a note to Ann that expresses your gratitude. It’s a gesture we all appreciate!