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Transmission Repair near Me

If you need to get to work, school, or elsewhere in the Doylestown, Philadelphia, Flemington, or Mechanicsburg areas, then you’ll need a working vehicle. Your car is made up of many different components to help it run, including the transmission. If there’s something wrong with the transmission, then you’ll have trouble driving to your next destination.

Transmission Repair near MeTo help remedy the situation, our team at Fred Beans will go over the significance of a transmission, as well as some warning signs to keep an eye out for. We’ll then take a look at it in person to give the transmission the proper repair or replacement that it needs.


Transmission: What It Does & When It Needs to Be Repaired

There are many components of a vehicle that help it run properly, one of them being the transmission. It transfers power from the engine to the drive axle, which makes the wheels move forward. And by changing the gear ratio, the transmission will alter the power and speed levels to the wheels. If there’s any type of problem with the transmission, then it’ll become more difficult to drive from Point A to Point B.

So, how do you know when there’s a problem with the transmission? If you notice any of the following, then you’ll need to get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible…

  • Rough shifts: If you try to shift gears and it’s not as smooth as normal, or the gears are refusing to change altogether, then there’s an issue. You may also feel or hear a clunk when the car shifts gears.
  • Transmission Repair near MeLeaking fluid: You’ll know the transmission is leaking fluid if you see a bright red liquid in your driveway or parking spot.
  • Transmission warning light appears: If you notice a transmission warning light appear on your dashboard, in conjunction with the other issues mentioned above, then you’ll need to take your car to a reliable service center right away.

Repairing Transmission

When you start to notice any of the previously mentioned warning signs, then you’ll know it’s time to bring your car to our state-of-the-art service center.

Our team of certified technicians know all about transmissions and have years of experience working on them. They can answer any question that you may have about the inner workings of your vehicle, and will use only genuine parts to get it in tip-top shape.

Make a Transmission Repair Appointment Today

If you live near Doylestown, Philadelphia, Mechanicsburg, or Flemington and need transmission repair for your vehicle, then schedule an appointment at Fred Beans. We’ll work hard to get your vehicle in great shape so that you can have great peace of mind.