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Smile! Say ‘candy cane’!

Setting up for a family shot at Hyundai

It was another great season for Santa and our AutoRewards families. In fact, 295 families showed up at Fred Beans locations in December to have their photos taken with Santa Claus. On two occasions, even the family canine got into the picture.

Finally, everyone is looking at the photographer.

Where were you?

Limerick Nissan, 79 families
Subaru Doylestown, 24 families and a dog
Hyundai Doylestown, 45 families and a dog
West Chester Ford, 56 families
Chevrolet Doylestown, 13 families
Ford Doylestown, 78 families

Megan gets special attention as our poster child for our Santa Photos.

And this is the 8th year for Megan and Santa!

Thank you to Santa, thank you to Jack’s Cameras, and a really big thank you to Fred Beans AutoRewards for putting it all together.

This little guy isn't sure about his first meeting with Santa.