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Sounds That Indicate Your Car Needs Maintenance

While on your daily commute in Mechanicsburg, Doylestown, Flemington, and Philadelphia, you may notice a variety of noises coming from your car, and while not all car sounds are a cause for concern, some mean that there’s a big issue brewing with your automobile. Here are a few sounds that indicate your car needs maintenance that you should listen for if you want to know when to schedule service for your vehicle brought to you by Fred Beans Used.

Ticking Under the Hood

Ticking Under the HoodOne of the most common sounds you may hear with your car is a ticking noise coming from your engine compartment while your vehicle is stopped. Generally, you’ll hear this noise when you start your car in cold temperatures, and it should stop after your engine warms up. If this noise persists, however, it may mean there is some other problem. For instance, your engine may tick if you don’t have enough oil. Try adding more to see if that fixes the problem.

Banging and Rattling Noises

Banging and Rattling Noises in CarA banging noise coming from your engine compartment is one of the most concerning sounds that indicate your car needs maintenance. Unfortunately, several different issues can result in a banging noise, meaning you won’t be able to determine the problem without visiting your dealership for a service appointment. Because a banging sound can mean your engine is misfiring or there’s a problem with your spark plugs, you should seek professional help as soon as possible.

Rattling is another noise that you might hear while you’re driving your car. Generally, this noise means there an issue with either your catalytic converter or with your camshaft belt. Both issues can worsen without immediate attention, so be sure to schedule service as soon as you can.

Squealing or Grinding Sounds From Your Brakes

Squealing or Grinding Sounds From Your BrakesA lot of the sounds you can hear while in your car are a result of problems with your braking system. Typically, when you hear one of these noises, it means that big trouble is on the horizon unless you get assistance from a maintenance expert right away.

For example, if you press down on your brake pedal and hear a squealing sound, it can mean that your brake pads are thinning. Have your pads inspected as soon as you can to see if they need to be replaced. A grinding sound while braking usually means your pads have worn out completely and the metal parts in your system are contacting each other. This can result in serious damage, so you should purchase and install new pads immediately to prevent extensive harm to your brake rotors.

Schedule Service at Fred Beans Used

If you hear any of these sounds that indicate your car needs maintenance, you should be sure to bring your car by Fred Beans Used for an appointment with our top-notch service team. Regardless of the sound you’re hearing from your vehicle, one of our service technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and then give you solutions. Scheduling service help with our team is the easiest way to make sure you can always get around Mechanicsburg, Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Flemington with the greatest of ease.

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