Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

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Did you hear a loud pitched squeal coming from your vehicle? Have you noticed that it only occurs when you’re pressing your brake pedal? It could mean that there’s a problem with your brakes, and considering how important your brakes are to your vehicle, its performance, and most importantly—your safety, you don’t want to ignore this noise for too long.

To help you determine the cause behind the squealing, our team at Fred Beans is here to help. We’ll provide drivers like you in Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Mechanicsburg with some insights and possible causes to these loud and irritating noises.

You Need to Change Your Brake Fluid

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?When you’ve got old brake fluid in the system, it can cause some complications. Brake fluid helps drive the pistons that push the calipers that force the brake pads against the rotors. It’s a crucial element to the braking system because not only does it ensure that your brakes are functioning, but it helps keep the internal parts lubricated. When your brake fluid is old, it can actually lose its viscosity and become clumpy and less effective at lubrication. It can also eat away at the protective coating of your engine components, which causes the squeaking noises. You’ll need to have the brake fluid flushed and replaced.

Your Brake Pads May Have Worn Down

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?One of the most common causes for squealing brakes is a worn brake pad. Your brake pad’s purpose is to literally wear away. Your brake pads help slow your wheels down because the calipers force the pads against the rotors to create friction. Since this occurs every time you press your brake pedal, over time the brake pad wears down.

The reason that you’re hearing the squealing sound is because the brake pad is literally telling you that it’s time for a replacement. Brake pads are fitted with wear indicators that let out a high-pitched squeal when the pad has worn down by 75%. When you hear this sound, you’ll want to schedule a brake ppad replacement in the near future.

Dealing with Rusted Rotors

Another common cause to the loud and high-pitched squeals could be coming from your rotors. When it’s particularly humid out, or there’s considerable rain, your rotors can become rusted. When your pads are pressing against the rusted rotors, it will emit this annoying noise. However, you can actually fix it yourself without having to get out of the car. All you have to do is drive at a slow speed while lightly pressing your brake pedal. While you will have to ensure the loud squealing noise, the pads will actually shave the rust off of your rotors within a half hour or so.

Getting Rid of the Squeaking Noise Through Brake Service

If you’ve noticed that your brakes have squealed while you’re out on the road, you may want to schedule service to not only get rid of the noise, but to make sure that your brakes aren’t damaged. Drivers in Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Mechanicsburg can always schedule their brake service with us at Fred Beans. We’d be happy to get rid of the squeaking noise so you can head out on the road without having to hear that noise again.

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