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Storm Damage: What to Know

There isn’t really a storm damage season, as really any weather in any season can damage our vehicles, but with snow and hail and dead tree branches making a nice trifecta for car damage, here are some important things to remember if your car is on the receiving end of any type of damage.

  1. If you notice any type of storm damage, call your insurance agent first to report the damage.
  2. Take pictures of the car from all angles, including multiple shots of the damage. Include pictures of any applicable elements, like branches, mud, water damage, pictures of the hail if still on the car. Really take any pictures relative to the damage.
  3. If your vehicle has been submerged in water, do not drive it, as mechanical and electrical elements may have been damaged.
  4. Only take your car in for repairs at a location you trust. Fred Beans CarStar locations work with all major insurance carriers. We can arrange for the towing, work with your insurance company and have you back on the road with quality repairs.

If you forget all these steps and don’t know what to do if you wake up one morning with a branch going across your drivers side door, then just give us a call and we’ll take it from there. We can walk you through all the steps! We have six convenien locations: