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Tag Archives: Doylestown at Dusk

Doylestown Rotary car show draws huge crowds

It was a night for Doylestown Borough to shine. More than 500 vehicles, from the very upscale Lamborghini and Rolls to works-in-progress classics from days gone by, lined more than six blocks of downtown borough streets. And enjoying the display and the live music and mouth-watering fare were hundreds upon hundreds of old-car enthusiasts, as […]

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Doylestown at Dusk Car Show draws crowds

Like the sign says, it was “something else” indeed! The 3rd Annual Doylestown at Dusk Car Show rolled into Doylestown last Saturday afternoon and parked itself all along State and Court streets west of Main. Cars, trucks and roving crowds of people of all vintages and makes made for a rainbow of colors in the […]

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Doylestown at Dusk shows off old and new cars and trucks

For the second year, Heart of Bucks teamed with the Doylestown Rotary to put on Doylestown at Dusk, a bang-up (oops, maybe not the right expression!) car show held on a hot July Saturday night in the heart of Doylestown. Nearly 500 vehicles were on display: vintage, brand-new, performance, home-built, late-model specials, tricked out, creatively

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Cars show off in Doylestown at Dusk

For years—about three and a half decades, in fact—the Heart of Bucks car show was held over in a field at Central Bucks West on a Saturday morning. The popular summer event had a lot of followers, most of them automotive enthusiasts. What a brilliant idea to bring it right into town this year and […]

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