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Palisades Cybersonics Team holds 3rd Fred Beans test-drive event May 3

We’re really excited to announce that the Cybersonics Technology Team 103 of Palisades High School in Kintnersville is gearing up for its third test-drive fundraiser – and aiming to beat last year’s total of $3,460 raised.

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Red Cross Driven to Give test-drive fundraiser tomorrow

Set your phone and watch and computer alarms & reminders for any time between 8am and 3pm tomorrow, Friday, December 6, when Fred Beans Lincoln in Doylestown and American Red Cross SEPA Chapter are teaming up with Lincoln Motor Company for a test-drive fundraiser that costs you nothing but a half-hour of your time!

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Doylestown Hospital partners with Fred Beans Ford Lincoln for 2nd test-drive fundraiser

If you could hop in a brand new Lincoln car or SUV and drive it around the block with no hassles, sales-y chatter or strings attached, would you do it? What if taking that spin meant Lincoln Motor Company would donate $20 to Doylestown Hospital’s V.I.A. Maternity Center? Would you tell your friends, neighbors and […]

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