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Doylestown at Dusk shows off old and new cars and trucks

For the second year, Heart of Bucks teamed with the Doylestown Rotary to put on Doylestown at Dusk, a bang-up (oops, maybe not the right expression!) car show held on a hot July Saturday night in the heart of Doylestown. Nearly 500 vehicles were on display: vintage, brand-new, performance, home-built, late-model specials, tricked out, creatively

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Cars show off in Doylestown at Dusk

For years—about three and a half decades, in fact—the Heart of Bucks car show was held over in a field at Central Bucks West on a Saturday morning. The popular summer event had a lot of followers, most of them automotive enthusiasts. What a brilliant idea to bring it right into town this year and […]

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