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NHTSA keeps you informed of vehicle recalls

Have you heard rumors about the manufacture of your vehicle – from friends, social media sites or news stories – about problems, such as airbags, engine issues, steering, brakes or tires? And do you want to know what others are saying about the safety of your make and model – and if there have been […]

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New backup camera standards: Looking forward to see behind you

Used to be only pricey luxury vehicles came with rear-viewing systems as a standard feature. Then more cars and trucks began offering them as options. The rest of us have relied on mirrors, our ability to spin our heads around to view 360 degrees and plain old good fortune to avoid colliding with people and […]

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Fake noise will make hybrids & electrics safer

If you’ve ever stood, walked or ridden a bicycle in proximity to an idling electric-powered vehicle completely unaware that it was there, you’ll be pleased to learn that hybrids and electrics are closer to getting a fake engine noise to prevent such incidents – and the many vehicular accidents this lack has already caused.

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Mitsu’s i-MiEV lithium-ion battery not a spontaneous fire hazard

In a letter from an executive at Mitsubishi Motors North America, Mitsubishi reassured dealers that the recent automotive fire in a lithium-ion battery pack was not, in fact, a cause for concerns for the safety of the 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicle. Reports indicated that a Chevrolet Volt in the possession of the National Highway […]

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