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Taking our kids to work an eye-opening day

Illusionist Jeff Carson and young girls at Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day® at Fred Beans Dodge on April 26

More than 100 children joined their moms, dads or other significant adults on April 26 for Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day® at Fred Beans Family of Dealerships in Doylestown.

The kids engaged in tasks, tours and interacting with workplace co-workers at the parents’ work sites, where they learned about the adults’ jobs and what it feels like to work for a dynamic company that has so many different facets and responsibilities.

Even Little Freddy gets in on things.

After the morning’s activities, parents and children met up at the Fred Beans Dodge dealership for box lunches and the day’s special program. It was the kind of experience that has no age limit or job criteria: Everyone giggled, grinned, gasped and guffawed at the illusions, jokes and side-splitting gags performed by professional illusionist Jeff Carson of Cherry Hill, NJ.

When it was all over and parents and their kids were heading back to worksites, school or home (still chuckling!), it wasn’t only the young people who can’t wait till next April.

This is the 15th year that Fred Beans Family of Dealerships in Doylestown—seven dealerships and seven subsidiary services—has hosted a day in the workplace for the children of its workforce in collaboration with the national initiative, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day®.

Barbara, Jen and Beth, Fred Beans's daughters, make the day happen.

“We recognize the value of introducing our children to the workplace environment,” says Jennifer Beans Keiser, general manager at Autorent in Doylestown and one of the three Beans sisters who have planned this event every year since 1999. “More than ever, it’s important for kids to see their parents at their jobs, to learn what Mom and Dad do all day while daughters and sons are in school or day care.

“Not only does it put the parent into context, especially for the younger children. It also gives parents a chance to show off what they’re good at, how they are valued outside of the home. It’s really a proud moment for our employees who bring their kids each year.”

Illusionist Jeff Carson gets help from his assistant, Cailyn Carver, 8, daughter of Cale Carver at Fred Beans FordJeff Carson with Jack Wagner, 8Jeff Carson with Jack Wagner, 8, and Jack’s dad, Scott Wagner, diesel technician at Fred Beans Ford