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The Buick GMC dealership relocates…

How do you move from one home to another when the two are only steps apart? It hardly warrants a moving truck—maybe a handtruck would be more efficient. Sales staff for Fred Beans Buick GMC found out how to make that work on a mid-November weekend, as they and their showroom vehicles exited the Chevrolet dealership at 845 North Easton Road in Doylestown and made their way next door to the Cadillac Saab facility at 841 North Easton Road.

While the Buick GMC service department will share space—and enclosed service drive-thru—with Cadillac, each will have its own distinctive areas, including showroom, customer lounge and service write-up areas dedicated to Buick GMC or to Cadillac.

“Besides the true twenty-first century amenities and appearance of the facility, which was built in 2004,” says company president Fred Beans, “this move gives Buick and GMC greater visibility and a space dedicated to the two brands. And that’s more convenient for our customers, as well.”