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Tips and Trends: Safety features here now or coming soon

If safety is a high priority, then check to see if these collision-avoiding and life-saving features are available on your next vehicle.

  • Electronic stability control applies braking to individual wheels to help drivers correct a swerving vehicle.
  • Lane departure warning systems flash a light and produce high-pitched beeps to alert you when you leave your lane, giving you those precious seconds to get back in place and avoid a head-on collision or other catastrophe.
  • Automatic braking uses a simplified version of marine or aeronautical radar to gauge your proximity to an object in front of you, applying the brakes to prevent or lessen the impact.
  • Pre-crash, or forward-collision, warning systems warn drivers with sound or visual alerts that they’re about to hit something. The systems can also “pre-charge” and apply the brakes, move the passenger seat back and position headrests.
  • Infrared night vision increases the distance you can see beyond headlight range.
  • Rearview camera technology helps you see people or objects behind your vehicle.
  • Reverse backup sensors, which operate with or without a camera, alert you with increasingly faster beeps as you come closer to backing into something. And the sensors are cheaper than a rearview camera.

From “7 Auto Safety Features That Could Save Your Life,” USAA