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Tips for Test Driving a Used Car

Buying a used car can be full of unknowns. How do you know if the car you’re interested in is reliable? What if the car you want has been in a previous accident?

Fortunately, test driving a used vehicle will ensure that you’re getting the best vehicle for your money. For drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Flemington who are on the hunt for a used vehicle, Fred Beans Used has provided a list of tips to help you test drive a used car.

Wait! Before You Test Drive, You Should…

Tips for Test Driving a Used CarHead over to Fred Beans Used online inventory to first browse our vehicles and see which ones appeal to you. Once you’ve picked a few you like, be sure to review any vehicle history reports. These will include information about any accidents the car has been in so you are aware of potential issues.

Also, before you sit inside of the car, lift the hood to inspect the engine. Make sure to look for anything unusual. Used car buyers often forget this step, so it’s good practice to check the engine before driving.

The last thing to do before getting into the car for a test drive is walk around the vehicle and examine the outside. Keep an eye out for paint color differences. This could be a sign that the car was in an accident. Also, look underneath the vehicle to make sure that there are no leaks or parts hanging down.

Examine the Interior

Once you’ve closely inspected the engine and exterior of the used vehicle, you can finally sit behind the wheel. Still, don’t turn on the ignition yet! You need to first check the interior features. Turn on the lights within the car to see if they work or have issues.

To test the vehicle for comfort, turn on and adjust both the heating and cooling systems. Both can be expensive to repair, so it’s important that they operate properly.

You’ll also want to activate the headlights and windshield wipers to check for problems. If the vehicle has driver assistance features, you’ll want to test those as well. Plus, be sure to do a full run-through of the radio stations and music options, and take note of anything that sounds strange.

Now, You Can Test Drive!

Tips for Test Driving a Used CarOnce the vehicle’s amenities have been examined, you can take it for a spin! While you’re on the road, keep the radio turned down and listen for any strange noises. Additionally, testing the braking system is important in catching any major issues.

Driving the car on windy roads is perfect for analyzing how it handles sharp turns and sudden movements. Keeping an eye on the dashboard while test driving the vehicle will help you identify any problems with the gauges and overall performance.

Schedule a Test Drive Today!

Test driving a used vehicle is the first step in the buying process and allows you to catch any issues before purchasing the car. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the vehicle yourself using our tips. That way, you’ll find a car that’s fully capable and reliable.

Once you’re ready for your perfect vehicle, visit us at Fred Beans Used for a test drive! We offer an impressive lineup of used vehicles for drivers of Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Flemington.