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How Often Should I Rotate my Tires?

Your tires are one of the most important components on your car. They’re responsible for providing your vehicle with traction to help grip the road, and they’re also responsible for your vehicle’s mobility. However, given the amount of hard work that your tires do, they tend to wear. Still, when you rotate your tires, you’re effectively evening out their wear and getting more miles out of them.

How Often Should I Rotate my Tires?Tire rotations are important for the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle. Many drivers have some important questions about this seemingly routine service, so our experts at Fred Beans are here today to make sure your questions are answered. One of the most common questions drivers have about this type of service is how often they should rotate their tires.

Let’s dive in and tackle these tire rotation questions to help you learn more.

What is a Tire Rotation?

Tire rotations are a simple service that involve moving your tires around from their current position on your vehicle (i.e. front tires are switched with rear, left tires are switched with right, etc.). This allows them to even out their wear. By doing so, they not only last longer, but each tire gets their fair share of hefty work. Before the tire service is started, our technicians will carefully inspect the tires to look for any excessive signs of wear that may result in the tire blowing out. This service doesn’t take too long, and it’s usually offered during a scheduled oil change.

How Often Should my Tires be Rotated?

How Often Should I Rotate my Tires?Generally, tires should be rotated around every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. This usually lines up with an oil change, which is more convenient for the trip because they can get multiple services completed in one simple visit. However, these parameters may vary, so check your owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s recommendation, so you can be absolutely sure you’re rotating your tires at the proper time.

Where Can I Get Tire Rotation Service near Me?

When it’s time to seek out a service center near Philadelphia, Doylestown, Flemington, and Mechanicsburg that can perform a tire rotation and notify you if there’s any concerns regarding the state of your tires, you can always visit us at Fred Beans. Our technicians and service experts are here to ensure that your vehicle gets the proper service. They’ll gladly notify you of the state of your tires, and they’ll even give you a helpful recommendation of when you should start seeking out a new set to put on your car.

Schedule Your Next Tire Rotation With Us

At Fred Beans, we’re proud to be a resource for drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Flemington, and Mechanicsburg who are in need of automotive services, like a tire rotation. We’d be happy to help you and rotate your tires, so you can enjoy the smooth performance of your vehicle while you get more miles and years out of your tires. Schedule an appointment online today.

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