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Signs of a Slipping Transmission

Signs of a Slipping Transmission

Do you live in or near Philadelphia, Doylestown, Fleming, or Mechanicsburg and find yourself in need of car repair? Do you feel your transmission slipping or suspect your transmission is slipping, but are not sure? Fred Beans has served customers in these areas for years, and we are passionate about car repair. We know the signs of a slipping transmission as well as we know the layout of our dealership. In sharing them with you, we hope to demystify the problem and reassure you that your car is fixable.

Sudden Gear Changes

Signs of a Slipping TransmissionWhen your transmission is slipping, it can feel like your car changes gears without your permission. Your car may seem stuck in a certain gear for a long time, even after you try to change it. Conversely, it may seem as though just touching your gear shift causes sudden and extreme gear changes. A jumpy shift is dangerous while driving, so if you feel it, pull your car over and call for help.

Rough Shifting

Another way your car tells you transmission slipping is present is through rough shifting. With a manual gear shift, you may have to press down or shift much harder just to get your car from neutral to first gear, first to second, and so on. You might hear a clunk, thud or other noises as well. If your transmission is in bad enough shape, your shift may stick.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

This problem often begins with little drops or a puddle in your driveway. Do not ignore this; otherwise you may end up leaving huge puddles all over the road. Transmission fluid is easily recognizable; it is bright red and smells sweet or slightly sour. Transmission fluid does not “burn up” like motor oil, so keep a close eye on your check engine light. If you see it go on, it might be because of a fluid leak.

Transmission fluid leaks occur for a number of reasons. Some of the most common are loose transmission pans, worn gaskets, worn axles and transmission mounts, or even old or cracked seats. Sometimes transmission fluid leaks if you have recently repaired or replaced a part, so do not hesitate to bring a leaky car back to your dealership or mechanic for adjustment.

Transmission Odor

Signs of a Slipping TransmissionIn addition to the sweet or tart odor of transmission fluid, you might notice a burning odor while driving. The burning odor normally means your transmission is in desperate need of fluid or that other problems like sticking shifts have worsened. Bring your car in for a fluid adjustment or refill right away. If the smells persist, your transmission may need extra lubrication.

Check Engine Light

Your “check engine” light is often the best indicator of a transmission problem. Many of today’s cars are also equipped with other sensors and alarms for this purpose. If you hear or see a sensor alert, do not ignore it; check for transmission slipping as soon as possible. If you suspect your sensor is malfunctioning – it does not alert when it should or alerts constantly – bring your car in for servicing.

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