Types of Tires

Tires in Philly   If you’re looking to optimize the performance of your vehicle for traveling around the Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington areas, you need to make sure you have the right tires. Tires are more complicated than you might think, as there are different types for various weather, road conditions, and vehicle types.

Since your tires are such an integral part of your vehicle, you need to make sure you have the right kind on your wheels and that they’re suitable for the challenges you expect to face. Fortunately, you can learn all about the various types of tires out there with our comprehensive overview brought to you by Fred Beans. Find out which tires are right for your vehicle!

All-Season Tires

Tire Variety in PhillyAll-season tires are among the most common and most useful kind of tires. If you drive a sedan, crossover, or any other similar vehicle, you probably already have all-season tires. They’re designed to offer a smooth ride with reliable handling under normal highway conditions, while their tread pattern also enhances grip when you’re dealing with rain or other slick weather.

Winter Tires

While all-season tires can get you through roads with light snow coverage, winter tires can help you tear through even the worst of winter conditions. They’re specifically designed to deal with below-freezing temperatures, and their deep grooves and tread help expel slush and snow from your path. Some even come with metal pins that can help you maintain your grip on icy surfaces.

Performance Tires

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As the name suggests, performance tires are great if you’re looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle. When you’re traveling at average speeds, you’ll notice much of the same features that you’d find on all-season tires. They can help you grip the road during slippery weather, but they also help you maintain grip during impressive driving maneuvers. Due to their tread design, they also tend to have higher speed ratings than other tires.

Touring Tires

If you’re looking to have a smooth ride that’s comfortable for you and your passengers, touring tires are your best bet. What makes them unique is their bigger sidewall profile which provides much more cushion for your ride. While some performance tires offer bigger sidewalls as well, touring tires are primarily focused on comfort rather than enhanced cornering and braking.

Light Truck Tires

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While light truck tires are practically essential if you’re driving a truck, they also come in handy for any vehicle that’s used to carry heavy payloads. The primary feature of these tires is that they’re built using more material and sturdier sidewalls. They’re specifically designed to handle a lot of weight on them, so make sure you get the light truck tires you need if you’re loading up your vehicle with a lot of equipment.

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