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Used Cars near Douglassville PA

Douglassville is a very small community in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

However, despite its microscopic size, it’s a historically significant place. It was settled by Swedish pioneers, who had the land granted to them by William Penn.

Evidence of the area’s rich history can be found in some of Douglassville’s buildings. It’s home to both Old St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church and the Mounce Jones House, which are the oldest church and the oldest dwelling in Berks County, respectively.

used cars douglassvilleThe former was founded in 1720, and the latter was built in 1716.

At Fred Beans Used, we’re extremely proud to serve the members of this incredible community.

Fred Beans Used – Our Extensive Inventory

Although we love working near Douglassville, we haven’t been around since the early 18th century. Still, that doesn’t stop us from providing you with high-quality and affordable used vehicles from a variety of manufacturers!

Here’s an overview of our used inventory, broken down by category.

  • Price: We’ve got used automobiles for less than $10K, we’ve got used automobile for more than $60K, and we’ve got used automobiles everywhere in between.
  • Mileage: We have used vehicles with under 20,000 miles on the odometer, we have used vehicles with over 180,000 miles on the odometer, and we have used vehicles everywhere in between.
  • Make: Our massive used inventory features models from 40+ manufacturers, including Cadillac, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Lincoln, Dodge, Mazda, Chrysler, and many others.
  • Body Type: coupe, sedan, convertible, pickup truck, hatchback, SUV, station wagon, etc.
  • Personality: family cruiser, performance, all terrain, mobile office, daily commuter, new driver

Fred Beans Used – Our Three-Part Guarantee

used cars douglassvilleSome dealerships don’t make any promises. Other dealerships make promises and then immediately renegade on them.

Not at Fred Beans Used. When we make a promise, we always stick to our guns.

Five-Day Return & 30-Day Exchange. If you don’t love it, bring it back!

Complimentary Lifetime State Inspections. Don’t get a ticket for your expired tags!

Over 250 Quality Pre-Owned Cars Under $10,000. One of the best ways to save cash around Douglassville.

Fred Beans Collision Centers

Finally, we’d like to highlight our Fred Beans Collision Centers. We have five convenient locations, and all of them are relatively close to Douglassville.

Here are a few basic truths:

  1. A car is a major investment.
  2. Nobody anticipates an accident.
  3. If it does happen, it can be absolutely devastating.

With that in mind, our team of expert automotive technicians can take care of any repairs or replacement that your car requires. They can even do the difficult body work and painting that the people at other auto garages can’t handle.

Learn More About Used Cars near Douglassville, PA

If you live in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, we’d like to remind you that we’re here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions about our used car dealership.

Just call us, chat with us online, or stop by our showroom today.

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