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Value Your Trade

Value Your TradeIf you live in Flemington, Mechanicsburg, Doylestown, or Philadelphia and are thinking about purchasing a new car, one of the most important steps you take is trading in your current vehicle. The equity remaining in your old car can make it much easier to buy your new car, and at Fred Beans Used, we’re happy to help you value your trade. Learn more about the process of valuing a trade-in vehicle and find out how our team can make buying your next automobile fun and easy.

Valuing Your Trade Online or In Person

When you’re ready to buy a new car, you want to complete your purchase as quickly as possible, which means you don’t want to spend too much time valuing your trade-in. Fortunately, when you work with us, we’ll help you value your trade quickly and easily, so that you can move on to picking your new vehicle.

The easiest method for valuing your trade is using the convenient tool you can find on our website. Simply select your vehicle make, enter a few pieces of information, and you’ll receive an instant cash offer based on the Kelley Blue Book® trade-in value for your vehicle. If you prefer to do this in person, one of our friendly professionals is ready and waiting to assist you.

Securing Your Auto Loan

Value Your TradeEven if you have a lot of value left in your trade-in, it usually won’t cover the entire cost of your next vehicle, which is why you’ll need to apply for an auto loan. Once you know your trade-in’s value, you can schedule an appointment with our financing department to have a conversation about your different loan options.

Our team has helped countless customers with a broad range of credit histories find an auto loan that meets their needs, and they would be glad to do the same for you. Spend just a few minutes of your time with our financing professionals, and you’ll easily be able to lock down the funding you need for your automobile.

Picking Your Car

Once you know exactly how much money you can spend on your next car, truck, or SUV, it’s time to browse our lot to find the model that fits you like a glove. In our inventory, you’ll see a wide selection of pre-owned and used automobiles that you’ll love driving around your town for years to come.

If you shop with us in person, one of our sales consultants can walk with you through our lot and answer any questions that you have about our vehicles. On the other hand, if you prefer shopping on your own, you can check out every used vehicle that we have in stock on our website. Whichever option you choose, shopping with us is the fun way to find your next car.

Get Started

Fred Beans Used is the top dealership for consumers from Philadelphia, Doylestown, Flemington, and Mechanicsburg, and we’re ready to value your trade, so that you can put it toward your next car. We would also be happy to tell you about the top used models on our lot, so that you can choose the right car for you, stop by today!


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