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VW Golf, Ford F-150 named NA Car & Truck of 2015


Volkswagen and Ford execs, marketing, designers, autoworkers, sales teams and fans are whooping it up in Detroit today, with this morning’s announcement of the 2015 North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year winners: the entire 2015 Golf series and the highly anticipated F-150 pickup.

The Golf, which includes the TSI, TDI and GTI versions, came out ahead of the Ford Mustang and Hyundai Genesis. The Volkswagen model is popular this year: it also earned Motor Trend’s nod for Car of the Year a few weeks ago.

After losing out to the Chevrolet Colorado pickup, Motor Trend’s choice for Truck of the Year, the F-150, with its innovative aluminum body, redeemed itself by pulling ahead of the Colorado and Lincoln MKC in truck/utility voting. The Honda CR-V was Motor Trend’s pick for its separate utility category.

Winners were announced during a press conference that opened the North American International Auto Show to the public in Detroit today.

This marks the 22nd year for the NACTOY, which honors new benchmarks in their automotive segments in areas ranging from design and safety to innovation and value. To be eligible, a vehicle must be redesigned or substantially changed and be introduced in 2014.

The vehicles in the North American competition have been judged this year by an independent jury of 57 automotive journalists. In the early fall, they viewed all eligible vehicles and voted for a dozen or so that they thought deserved a second look. In early December they voted again, with each juror allocating 25 points to cars and 25 to trucks among the short-list entries. In the final stage of competition, each juror has just 10 points to allocate among the three car and three trucks in each category.

Images courtesy NACTOY