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What to Do If You Have Weather Damage

If there comes a day when your car is damaged by the weather, then this is a blog you’ll be happy you’ve read. We talked to our pro’s at CARSTAR in Doylestown, Steve Kohut (General Manager) and Anna Reif (Office Manager). These two have seen it all when it comes to collision, and we’ve picked their brain to help us know how to navigate the aftermath of a weather related accident.

What’s the first step if our car is damaged by the weather?

You’re first step is to call your insurance company. You want to start the claim process as soon as possible.

What happens after I talk to my insurance company and have a claim in place?

You can call CARSTAR and we’ll get everything worked out from there. The beauty of being a direct repair shop is that we have access to your claim within minutes of filing, all the insurance info and can get everything fixed and the claim sent through to your insurance without you’re having to coordinate any of it. We work directly with the insurance company, everything from towing, quotes, and biling all are handled on our end.

What happens if my car is damaged, I bring it to CARSTAR but haven’t filed a claim?

This can happen for a few reasons- one is that you thought the damage was smaller than it ended up being and you were going to pay out of pocket. The other is that you weren’t sure what the first step is so you bring it to us first.

Either way, we’ll take care of everything for you. If you bring your car in and decide that because of the cost of repair you’d like to file an insurance claim, then we’ll get that process started for you. You can file a claim at any point and once you give them the information, we’ll take it from there. Within minutes of a claim being filed we are able to access it from our end. The same goes if you’ve contacted us first. We’ll get you towed in, or just take a look and then help you with all of your insurance paperwork.

And while we will certainly get your car back on the road, we service cars that have been in all types of accidents, not only storm related.

But if your car has been in a storm related accident, take a look at what CARSTAR‘s website suggests for making the process easier for you:

  • Make copies of your vehicle registration, title, insurance card and driver’s license before the storm hits and secure in a safe, dry place.
  • After the storm clears, record the damage with photos and video. Sketch what happened, including street names, road signs and details on the storm’s impact.
  • Identify any witnesses. Look for neighbors or area residents who may have seen what happened. Get their names, addresses, phone numbers and their recollection of the storm damage.
  • Have a repair plan in place. CARSTAR offers high-quality, reliable repair service in 30 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Call 1-800-CARSTAR when you need us and we can send a tow truck, contact your insurance company, arrange for a rental car and repair your vehicle.