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What To Expect When You Take Your Car to the Shop After An Accident

The last thing you want to start researching or asking about or wondering in the middle of an accident is “What do I do now? Who fixes my car? How do I pay for this? Who is responsible for paying for this? How do I contact my insurance company?” If you can remember only one thing after the dust has settled, it’s this: call a CarStar. That’s it, we’ll take it from there, really. We have done the navigating and we are a one stop shop who works directly with your insurance company, by contacting them, then the towing if necessary, the estimates for repair, the actual repair work and then the billing. We’ll keep you in the loop through the whole process, but we’ll take on all the nitty gritty that it takes to get your car back on the road.

So once you call your local Fred Bean’s CarStar location, then the process goes like this:

The repair process begins with you bringing your vehicle in for an estimate (or with the car being towed to our location) with a trained estimator. If you choose our shop, we will work with your insurance agent to process the repair claim.

A quality shop will conduct a thorough disassembly of all damaged areas of the vehicle to determine any structural or mechanical damage.

We will order the needed parts for your vehicle and then complete the repair.

Once the repair is complete, they will conduct a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of your vehicle to ensure a quality repair.

All the while, a shop technician will be in contact with you, making you aware of where things are in the process of the repair and keeping you up to date with all the costs and insurance information.

Remember, if you’re ever in an accident, and while we hope you don’t ever need us in this way, we’ll be there to take you from accident to repaired and back on the road. Visit us at for one of our SIX CarStar locations.