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Why is my Car Engine Overheating?

We have all been there when your car’s temperature gauge is steadily creeping up to hot and the engine seems to be seizing up. This is an overheated engine that is related to your car’s engine coolant temperature and it can leave your car disabled and cause further damage if not fixed. Our team at Fred Beans has created this overheated car review to help all Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington area drivers understand and know why their car is overheating and how they can possibly fix it.

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Reasons That Your Car Overheats

Why is my Car Engine Overheating?When the seasons change and temperatures rise, it becomes easier for your car to overheat. One major factor is your car’s engine coolant temperature which if on the hotter side of the gauge can mean something is wrong and should be serviced to avoid any long-term engine damage. There can be many causes of an overheated car, but the main reason it is overheating is because something in the car’s cooling system isn’t allowing heat to be released, transported to other parts of the vehicle, or absorbed. Below are some of the main reasons your car is overheating.

Cooling System Leak

More times than not, a leak in the cars cooling system is the main cause of the overheated engine. A leak anywhere in the cooling system, whether the hoses, water pump, radiator, or head gasket could result in your engine overheating. If you find a leak coming from any of these parts, it should be sealed. If you aren’t able to locate the leak and seal it yourself, make sure to have it serviced by a trained technician.

Engine Coolant Problems

Why is my Car Engine Overheating?Coolant problems could be a possibility. Cars differ in the type of coolant they require and their specified coolant-to-water ratio. This may be preventing your car from staying cool. If this is the problem, your coolant reservoir should be flushed and the correct coolant-to-water mixture should be added.

Water Pump

The water pump plays a big part in the cars cooling system. It helps to pump coolant throughout the cooling system to help the engine stay cool. Common water pump issues include leaks, eroded impeller vanes, or displacement of the pump shaft. Any issue with your cars water pump should be brought to a service professional to avoid irreparable damage to the engine.

Radiator Problems

The cars radiator is another part that is integral in the cooling of the car’s engine. If your radiator fan is having issues, one of our mechanics would be able to diagnose whether it is a fan belt issue or leak. Make sure to have your car serviced if you suspect the radiator is causing overheating.

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