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Your Rights When You Need Collision Repair Work

What are your rights as consumer if you are ever in an auto accident? You want to know what your rights are if you are in an accident BEFORE you need to know! Being in an accident is scary and can be daunting, dealing with insurance companies and getting your car fixed, so before you need to know, know your rights.

Am I able to choose where my car gets worked on?

Yes, you have the right to take it to whatever shop you want. The insurance company will make a suggestion but if there is someone you use, then you are entitled to go there (if your car was towed to a shop, you may be responsible for the cost to tow it to a different location). Now there are direct repair shops, which means they work directly with the insurance company, negotiating the prices and submitting all of the paperwork. This can save you time and hassle and so it’s good to find out if your shop is a direct repair shop (and for the record, all our CARSTAR locations are direct repair shops, so you just call us, and we’ll handle towing, insurance claims and the repairs).

Am I able to decide what kind of parts are used to fix my vehicle?

Most insurance companies allow the use of after market parts to fix your vehicle. They are generally less expensive and are more readily available than OE (original equipment) parts. You have the right to ask for OE parts to be used if that is important to you but also note that most insurance policies leave room for “like kind and quality” which includes salvage parts. Check with your insurance company now and see if you can alter your plan if the OE parts are a deal breaker for you.

Does the shop have to tell me before doing the work?

Yes, it is the law that the shop call you before doing the repairs to get your go ahead. If you’re uncomfortable with any of the work that’s being done then speak up. Call your insurance company or get a second opinion. You are the final voice in all of the repair work, so ask lots of questions and give the ‘ok’ after you are sure you want to move forward.

If you are ever in an accident we want you to know that at CARSTAR we want to make sure you feel taken care of, that we fix your car with the highest standards, using well trained and professional technicians and the latest technology to get you back on the road quickly. Call us anytime and we’ll take it from there!