Full Detailing Shop Near Langhorne PA


Have you been looking for a full detailing shop near Langhorne, PA? If so, then you just found Fred Beans. Here at our shop, we offer a wide array of detailing services that you can take advantage of.

To learn more about how our full detailing shop can clean up your ride and get you back out on the streets of Langhorne looking fresh, read Fred Beans guide below.

More Than Just A Car Wash

Getting a car wash is great. When you get your vehicle detailed, however, you're getting a deep clean, inside and out.

There are two types of auto detailing, interior and exterior. Exterior services include everything from a simple wash, to minimizing scratches and dings, and even applying sealant to the paint. Interior detailing, on the other hand, requires even more attention to detail. Interior services include things like carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, perfuming, and more!

There are a number of benefits to getting your car detailed near Langhorne, PA. Detailing can extend the lifespan of your car by removing contaminants that cause damage to the leather, paint, and can even clog up knobs and switches. It also removes dust and dirt from the engine, which will help to ensure better performance.

Our Detailing Services

When you visit our full detailing shop near Langhorne, PA, you'll have a variety of services to choose from. Plus, we offer three convenient detailing packages. They are: Good, Better, and Best.

Each package includes a hand wash and wax with tar removal. We even take the time to towel dry your ride. When you invest in our Better package, we'll also dress the vinyl and rubber components of your vehicle to protect them from aging. Finally, with the full detail of our Best package, we'll deodorize your car's interior and shampoo the carpet and upholstery, as well.

Here at our shop, we also provide a number of detailing protection plans. They may help cover some common types of damage that are usually not covered by a warranty. These damages include, weather-induced fading, dulling headlight lenses, and dent repair. Plus, to make getting the detailing you need even easier, we also have several special offers that you can find online.

Visit Our Service Center Too

When you visit our dealership, you'll see that we don't stop at detailing. We also have a service center, which is staffed by a team of certified technicians. They have the know-how and the cutting-edge technology to handle any mechanical maintenance you might need. Whether it's an oil change, brake repair, or engine maintenance, your vehicle will be in good hands.

We even have a well-stocked parts department, so if you have a DIY auto repair waiting in your garage, pay us a visit. We sell genuine parts, so you can install them with confidence in knowing that they'll provide a long-lasting fix.

Finally, for your convenience, you can do everything from scheduling service to ordering parts, online.

Get Squeaky Clean Today!

If you're car is in need of a fresh clean, visit us at Fred Beans. Our full detailing shop near Langhorne, PA, will give your vehicle the new-car treatment. That way, you can hit the streets with the confidence that comes when you're driving a clean, fresh-smelling car.

If you have questions about detailing or one of our many other services, contact us!

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