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Your brake pads are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They're responsible for slowing you down and allowing you to stop when you need to. That's why we at Fred Beans believe it's essential for our customers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Mechanicsburg to have a good understanding of what they are and how long they last.

In this guide, you'll learn more about how brake pads work, what they're made of, what wears them down, and, most importantly, how long they should last based on your driving habits. Read ahead to get started!

How Long Your Brake Pads Should Last

First, let's look at what brake pads are and theoretically how long they should last. Brake pads are essentially plates of steel padded with some sort of friction material on the side that rubs against the rotor to make your vehicle stop.

This friction material can be ceramic, metallic, or organic and many times they're shaped different to accommodate different styles of driving. For example, solid brake pads are designed for regular everyday driving while hallowed out brake pads are good for high-performance vehicles because they can handle more heat caused by friction.

Regardless of which of these types you choose, though, most brake pads should hypothetically last you between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. However, most last an average of 50,000 miles.

Factors That Affect Your Brake Pads

There are many factors that affect how long your brake pads last. First and foremost, if you don't have the right brake pads for your driving style, they will wear down much faster than they should and leave you in a dangerous driving situation.

Going off of that, having an aggressive driving style can also affect your brake pads. If you slam on your brakes a lot rather than easing to a halt, your brake pads will brake down much sooner than the 50,000-mile mark.

Spending a lot of time in stop-and-go traffic can also be a big factor in the wearing down of your brake pads over time. Stop-and-go traffic requites bursts of speeding up and then automatically braking when traffic ahead of you gets jammed again.

Luckily, all of these things are easily avoidable if you're conscious of your driving habits and make an effort to preserve your brake pads. Taking good care of your brake pads is essential when it comes to keeping you and your passengers safe while you're driving.

Need Some Help with Your Brake Pads?

As you can see, how long your brake pads last has a lot to do with how you drive and maintain your vehicle. However, this doesn't account for some outlying situations when something goes wrong that's out of your hands.

If you're in one of these situations or think it just may be time for a brake-pad check-up, we at Fred Beans can help! Our convenient on-site service center is just a short drive from Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Mechanicsburg. Stop by today or give us a call to schedule a service appointment.

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