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Of the problems your car might have, a shaking steering wheel is probably the most frightening. If your steering wheel is shaking and you do not know why, it can be tempting to stop driving your car altogether.

Fred Beans has served customers in or near Philadelphia, Doylestown, Fleming and Mechanicsburg for years. Thus, we are familiar with many reasons your steering wheel is shaking, or reasons you are experiencing steering wheel vibrations. If you experience steering wheel shaking when braking or otherwise not cooperating with you, do not panic. The reasons behind your car's behavior are fixable.

Tire Issues

Your steering wheel may be shaking if your tires are out of balance. Drivers normally notice shaking around 50-55 mph, but this can happen sooner, for instance, if your front tires are losing air or sustaining breaks and cracks. Many of our customers report shaking gets worse around 60 mph. This is a significant problem since many people drive about 60 mph during commutes, errands or other daily trips.

Tire balancing issues often improve at higher speeds. We caution you, however, to avoid using speed to compensate for tire problems. Instead, bring your car to our servicing center. You can order any tires you need in person or online. If you are not sure which tires you need, ask one of our technicians for help.

"Sticky" Brakes

Steering wheel shaking when braking also happens if a brake caliper sticks. When this happens, you will notice a burnt rubber odor whenever you stop. Although "burn rubber" is a fun driving expression, you do not want to smell it on the road. It signals your brakes could go out, leaving you with an out of control car. You may start to notice stickiness and odor at about 45 mph. Again, this worsens as your speed increases, so do not use speed to compensate.

Brake Rotors

Steering wheel vibrations often happen with "out of round" brake rotors. Listen carefully to your braking system. Do you frequently hear grinding, squealing or squeaking? Your brakes are trying to tell you they are out of balance or need to be repaired or replaced. You may feel vibrations or shaking through your brake pedal, which signals your pads are no longer firm. Have your brake pads replaced as soon as possible. If noises and shaking continue, bring your car in for a rotor replacement or entirely new braking system.

Debris Lodged in Brakes

This problem is not as common as the others but can happen on occasion. You might get debris stuck in your brakes or tires if you have been driving after a storm or on a rural back road full of dirt, sticks and other detritus. Sometimes debris can be removed easily but bring your car to Fred Beans for help with large or stubborn pieces.

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