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Servicing the Tri-StateArea! We tow for all auto clubs and are on call for local police departments in the area. We have 17 trained andWreckmaster Certified drivers specializing in towing and recovery. Ask about our competitive rates.











Fred Beans Towing Services

Few things are more frustrating and upsetting than when you get stuck on the side of the road. You spend this time frantically weighing your options of how you and your car are going to get out of there. Fred Beans can help!

If your car breaks down, don't worry because we'll come to the rescue. Our towing service proudly serves the tri-state area.We're available to tow for all auto clubs, and we're even on call for local police departments throughout the tri-state area. Should you ever wind up in a crash, whether major or minor, we'll be there to help you get home and ensure that your vehicle gets to a destination that can make it ready for the road again.

Our trucks are equipped to tow your vehicle and so are our drivers. We currently have 17 highly trained and Wreckmaster-certified drivers experienced in towing and vehicle recovery. They're friendly and sympathetic to your situation, so just know that at Fred Beans, we'll gladly lend a helping hand.

We know that price is the last thing on your mind when your mode of transportation is out of commission and resting on the side of the road. We offer competitive pricing, so getting your vehicle to our one of our state-of-the-art service centers won't break your bank.

Fred Beans towing services offers:

  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Towing and recovery
  • Conventional and flatbed trucks
  • Local and long distance
  • Rental cars available 24/7

When something occurs under the hood, your vehicle will be brought in to one of our shops. Using the latest diagnostic tools and our talented technicians, we'll find the problem that's facing your vehicle and fix it so you can enjoy driving your car again.

If you get into a collision, we'll take your vehicle to our closest collision center. We work with all insurance companies and offer on-time delivery in terms of the time frame we give you. Our goal is to get you home and get your vehicle back to working order.

Schedule towing with us at Fred Beans. We're more than happy to help a driver in need.